Interface Adjusting.XML.Source<T extends Source>

All Superinterfaces:
Adjusting.XML.Parsing<Adjusting.XML.Source<T>>, Source
All Known Subinterfaces:
Adjusting.XML.DOMSource, Adjusting.XML.SAXSource, Adjusting.XML.StAXSource
Enclosing class:

public static interface Adjusting.XML.Source<T extends Source>
extends Adjusting.XML.Parsing<Adjusting.XML.Source<T>>, Source
Adjusting version of javax.xml.transform.Source, allowing various parser features to be configured before calling get() to obtain the usable Source object.

Passing this class itself to an SQLXML object's getSource method, as in

 Source src = sqx.getSource(Adjusting.XML.Source.class);
will allow the implementation to choose the particular subtype of Source it will return. To obtain a Source of a particular desired type, pass the class literal of one of the subtypes Adjusting.XML.SAXSource, Adjusting.XML.StAXSource, or Adjusting.XML.DOMSource.

The get() method can only be called once. The adjusting methods inherited from Adjusting.XML.Parsing can only be called before get().

Although this extends javax.xml.transform.Source, implementing classes will likely throw exceptions from the Source-specific methods for getting and setting system IDs. Those methods, if needed, should be called on the Source object obtained from get().

  • Method Details

    • get

      T get() throws SQLException
      Return an object of the expected Source subtype reflecting any adjustments made with the other methods.
      an implementing object of the expected Source subtype
      SQLException - for any reason that getSource might have thrown when supplying the corresponding non-Adjusting subtype of Source.