Class PGF1010962

  • @SQLAction(requires="1010962 func",
               install={"CREATE TYPE javatest.B1010962 AS ( b1_val float8, b2_val int)","CREATE TYPE javatest.C1010962 AS ( c1_val float8, c2_val float8)","CREATE TYPE javatest.A1010962 as ( b B1010962, c C1010962, a_val int)","SELECT javatest.complexParam(array_agg( CAST(  (   CAST((0.1, i)    AS javatest.B1010962),   CAST((0.1, 10/i) AS javatest.C1010962),   i  ) AS javatest.A1010962) )) FROM generate_series (1,10) i"},
               remove={"DROP TYPE javatest.A1010962","DROP TYPE javatest.C1010962","DROP TYPE javatest.B1010962"})
    public class PGF1010962
    extends Object
    A gnarly test of TupleDesc reference management, crafted by Johann Oskarsson for bug report 1010962 on pgFoundry.

    This example relies on implementor tags reflecting the PostgreSQL version, set up in the ConditionalDDR example. Before PostgreSQL 8.4, there is no array of RECORD, which this test requires.

    • Method Detail

      • complexParam

                  provides="1010962 func",
        public static int complexParam​(ResultSet[] receiver)
                                throws SQLException
        Test for bug 1010962: pass in an array of A1010962, expect no TupleDesc reference leak warnings.
        receiver - Looks polymorphic, but expects an array of A1010962