Class ReturnComposite

All Implemented Interfaces:
ResultSetProvider, ResultSetProvider.Large

           install={"SELECT  CASE WHEN want IS NOT DISTINCT FROM helloOutParams()  THEN javatest.logmessage(\'INFO\',    \'composite return passes\')  ELSE javatest.logmessage(\'WARNING\', \'composite return fails\')  END FROM  (SELECT \'Hello\' ::text, \'world\' ::text) AS want","WITH expected AS (VALUES  (\'Hello\' ::text, \'twelve\' ::text),  (\'Hello\',        \'thirteen\'),  (\'Hello\',        \'love\') )SELECT  CASE WHEN every(want IS NOT DISTINCT FROM got)  THEN javatest.logmessage(\'INFO\',    \'set of composite return passes\')  ELSE javatest.logmessage(\'WARNING\', \'set of composite return fails\')  END FROM  (SELECT row_number() OVER (), * FROM expected) AS want  LEFT JOIN (SELECT row_number() OVER (), * FROM hellotable()) AS got  USING (row_number)"})
public class ReturnComposite
extends Object
implements ResultSetProvider.Large
Demonstrates @Function(out={...}) for a function that returns a non-predeclared composite type.