Class DualState.SingleSPIfreeplan<T>

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    public abstract static class DualState.SingleSPIfreeplan<T>
    extends DualState.SingleGuardedLong<T>
    A DualState subclass whose only native resource releasing action needed is SPI_freeplan of a single pointer.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SingleSPIfreeplan

        protected SingleSPIfreeplan​(DualState.Key cookie,
                                    T referent,
                                    long resourceOwner,
                                    long fpTarget)
    • Method Detail

      • formatString

        public String formatString()
        Description copied from class: DualState.SingleGuardedLong
        Return a printf format string resembling "%s something(%x)" where the %x will be the value being guarded; the "something" should indicate what the value represents, or what will be done with it when released by Java.
        formatString in class DualState.SingleGuardedLong<T>
      • javaStateUnreachable

        protected void javaStateUnreachable​(boolean nativeStateLive)
        When the Java state is released or unreachable, an SPI_freeplan call is made so the native memory is released without having to wait for release of its containing context.
        javaStateUnreachable in class DualState<T>
        nativeStateLive - true is passed if the instance's "native state" is still considered live, that is, no resource-owner callback has been invoked to stamp it invalid (nor has it been "adopted").