Class ErrorData

  • public class ErrorData
    extends Object
    The ErrorData correspons to the ErrorData obtained using an internal PostgreSQL CopyErrorData call.
    Thomas Hallgren
    • Method Detail

      • getErrorLevel

        public int getErrorLevel()
        Returns The error level
      • isOutputToServer

        public boolean isOutputToServer()
        Returns true if the error will be reported to the server log
      • isOutputToClient

        public boolean isOutputToClient()
        Returns true if the error will be reported to the client
      • isShowFuncname

        public boolean isShowFuncname()
        The property queried by this method was only used in PostgreSQL when communicating with old clients over the v2 frontend/backend protocol, superseded in PostgreSQL 7.4. In PG 14 and later, there is no such property, and this method will always return false.
        Returns true if funcname inclusion is set
      • getFilename

        public String getFilename()
        Returns The file where the error occurred
      • getLineno

        public int getLineno()
        Returns The line where the error occurred
      • getFuncname

        public String getFuncname()
        Returns the name of the function where the error occurred
      • getSqlState

        public String getSqlState()
        Returns the unencoded ERRSTATE
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Returns the primary error message
      • getDetail

        public String getDetail()
        Returns the detailed error message
      • getHint

        public String getHint()
        Returns the hint message
      • getContextMessage

        public String getContextMessage()
        Returns the context message
      • getCursorPos

        public int getCursorPos()
        Returns the cursor index into the query string
      • getInternalPos

        public int getInternalPos()
        Returns the cursor index into internal query
      • getInternalQuery

        public String getInternalQuery()
        Returns the internally-generated query
      • getSavedErrno

        public int getSavedErrno()
        Returns the errno at entry