Class Tuple

  • public class Tuple
    extends Object
    The Tuple correspons to the internal PostgreSQL HeapTuple.
    Thomas Hallgren
    • Method Detail

      • getNativePointer

        public final long getNativePointer()
                                    throws SQLException
        Return pointer to native HeapTuple structure as a long; use only while a reference to this class is live and the THREADLOCK is held.
      • getObject

        public Object getObject​(TupleDesc tupleDesc,
                                int index,
                                Class<?> type)
                         throws SQLException
        Obtains a value from the underlying native HeapTuple structure.

        Conversion to a JDBC 4.1 specified class is best effort, if the native type system knows how to do so; otherwise, the return value can be whatever would have been returned in the legacy case. Caller beware!

        tupleDesc - The Tuple descriptor for this instance.
        index - Index of value in the structure (one based).
        type - Desired Java class of the result, if the JDBC 4.1 version of getObject has been called; null in all the legacy cases.
        The value or null.
        SQLException - If the underlying native structure has gone stale.