Class TypeBridge.Holder

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    public final class TypeBridge.Holder
    extends Object
    Class that holds an object reference being passed from Java to PG, when the object is of one of the known classes that were not accepted by PL/Java's JDBC driver before PL/Java 1.5.1.

    When a native-code Object-to-Datum coercer encounters a Holder instead of an object of the normally-expected class for the PostgreSQL type, it can retrieve the class, classname, default PG type oid, and the payload object itself, from the Holder, and obtain and apply a different coercer appropriate to the class.

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      • bridgedClass

        public Class<S> bridgedClass()
      • className

        public String className()
      • payload

        public S payload()
      • defaultOid

        public int defaultOid()