Building on Solaris

mvn command failing on Solaris 10

If the mvn command fails on Solaris 10 with a message like mvn: syntax error at line ___: '(' unexpected, the reason is that Solaris 10’s default /bin/sh shell does not understand the $() substitution syntax, which is used in the mvn script.

Solaris 10 does supply bash and ksh, both of which do understand that syntax. As a workaround, explicitly use bash or ksh to run the mvn script. That is, if which mvn outputs /path/to/bin/mvn then change any command like

mvn  clean  install


bash /path/to/bin/mvn  clean  install

Solaris 11 changes the default shells to bash and ksh and so should not need this workaround.

Building with the GNU compiler collection

On Solaris, the NAR Maven Plugin comes with settings for the Solaris Studio compiler only.

For building with the GNU tools instead, the pljava-so project directory contains an extra settings file To use it, add -Dnar.aolProperties=pljava-so/ to the mvn command line:

mvn -Dnar.aolProperties=pljava-so/ clean install