About PL/Java examples

The pljava-examples subproject builds the supplied examples; this machine-generated page is a project summary for developers of PL/Java.

If you arrived here from a search for PL/Java examples, you probably want the Examples section of the user guide, or maybe to browse the example sources, or even read their javadocs. (Note: the source browser link shows the current development sources, which may differ from a particular release.)

Optionally-built example code for XML processing with Saxon

The optional example code for providing actual XML Query-based alternatives to PostgreSQL’s XPath 1.0-based query and XMLTABLE functions does not get built by default, because it pulls in the sizeable Saxon-HE library from Saxonica, and because (unlike the rest of PL/Java) it requires Java 8.

To include these optional functions when building the examples, be sure to use a Java 8 build environment, and add -Psaxon-examples to the mvn command line. The functions are documented here.